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Get it done.

SCREENWRITING COACHING & STORY CONSULTING by a professional writer/director


I will help you refine the ideas you already have into the story you truly want to tell. We'll work together to create a reachable goal, and a kickass story, to propel you to the next step in your career.


 I will use my years of professional experience to give you expert, detailed script feedback and / or screenwriting instruction in the best elements of all the screenwriting craft disciplines. I'll help you write a script that jumps off the page, gets noticed, gets sold, and gets MADE! 


I will break down your goal into customized, do-able weekly steps that keep you moving forward. And while you're working, I'll keep you connected to the WHY behind your craft so you stay motivated and inspired to maintain that momentum.

self helpery

I will work the magic of a self help guide / coaching wizard to help you through the pitfalls of your craft and ensure you reach your goal of producing a fabulous script.

"Sessions with Carrie are like nothing else: a mix of writing workshop, creative therapy, and life coaching. Before working with Carrie, I had a pretty regular writing practice, but I would get stuck on projects and abandon them. She has helped me define my creative (and life) goals and uncover where and why I get stuck. I'm almost through the first draft of a screenplay I had tried to write at least three separate times before working with her. In my professional life, Carrie also helped me move from a job where I was miserable into a job I love. I cannot say enough about how working with Carrie has transformed my creative life, my professional life, and my belief in my own writing."

—  Alyson Pomerantz, Writer now Screenwriter

"Carrie gave us the foundational building blocks for great storytelling."

Luke Pilgrim & Brad Kennedy (Co-Owners of Sozo Bear Films) 

"My manuscript had been stagnant for two years: waiting on something I was not even sure of. Carrie's gentle guidance and loving support helped refocus my energy and reignite my writing momentum. When I faced rejection, she was available with empathy but more importantly positive reinforcement, making sure I did not dwell on the voice of self-doubt. Working with Carrie has been a pleasure, not just because of her knowledge and wisdom of the industry, but also as a great way to keep me accountable."

— Kara Zajac, Author

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