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  • Feature, Pilot or Story Track

    495 US dollars
  • Private call with Carrie to see if this is a fit for your needs.


Choose your pricing plan

  • Bi-Monthly Coaching

    Every month
    One-on-One Coaching two times per month
    • Twice a month One on One Coaching
    • Access to weekly writing group
    • Lifetime access to all WTDS resources and material.
    • One-on-one private coaching
    • Detailed notes on all of your material, every session
    • Specific writing exercises that meet YOUR needs
    • support, encouragement, deadlines, lotsa help
  • Once-a-Month Hybrid

    Every month
    One-on-one coaching, once-a-month
    • WTDS 8-week program, email support, material review
    • Lifetime Access to WTDS resource vault
    • Access to weekly writing group and WTDS Community
    • Very detailed notes in private one-on-one session
    • Weekly email support
    • Text and voice note support
  • 1-Hour Story Consult

    Pro notes on your pilot, pitch doc, story, or screenplay.
    Valid for one month
    • Professional, detailed, specific notes on your material.
    • One hour private meeting via zoom, in person, or phone.
    • Strategize - career advice on next best steps for YOU.
    • Specific instructions and tools to make your script ROCK!
    • I read everything at least twice.
  • WTDS 8-week course

    8-Week Online Course with coaching.
    Valid for 2 months
    • 8-week program that will help you write or rewrite TDS!
    • Tools, education, guidance, instruction to WTDS.
    • One thirty minute start up call with Carrie.
    • A group coaching call midway through the program.
    • Encouragement, support, resources.
    • A 60-minutes material review session with Carrie at end.
    • Pilot, Feature or Book track.
    • Weekly email check ins.
    • Access to weekly private writing group.
  • 3-Month Package

    Save $50!
    Valid for 3 months
    • EVERYTHING included in twice-a-month coaching plan!
    • 3 Months of YOU getting it DONE!
    • Save $150 when you purchase for 3 months.
    • Less worry, more gettin' it done!
    • When you invest & commit, you attract!
  • 6-Month Package

    Save $100!!!!
    Valid for 6 months
    • Everything in the twice-a-month coaching plan!
    • Big commitment equals HUGE rewards
    • This is for those who are ready to upgrade their life!
    • Less worry, save moola, create AWESOME momentum!
    • Private, one-on-one support, coverage, and encouragement.
  • Career Maker

    Every month
    3 times a month, badass coaching for serious momentum!
    • Your Dream Come True

      Every month
      Once a week story badassery for serious success!
      • Co-Write Feature Start Up

        +$35 CC Fee
        Write For Hire contract
        • Feature Film Co-Write start up
      • 20 Minute Career Strategy or Pitch

        Twenty minutes to get advice & support from a working screenwriter and story producer.
        • Advice on how to take your writing career to the next level
        • Practice your pitch
        • A personalized action plan towards your dreamiest dream
        • This is YOUR time to get the support you need
      • Short Film: From Script to Screen

        Every month
        Short film package designed to fit your budget
        • One-on-One private coaching
        • Write or rewrite a short script
        • Develop look book, pitch deck, etc... to produce your short
        • One on one directing mentoring optional
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