I began to believe in the power of coaching after I read You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Shortly thereafter, I hired my own badass coach and my life and career were transformed!  Now, I want to pass these incredibly powerful tools onto others by combining my 20 years of collective production and teaching experience into an educational coaching program that will help you chase that idea, get that pitch packet done, and write that damn script!


"Carrie is the teacher/mentor I had hoped to find in my MFA program but never did."

—  Alyson Pomerantz, Writer now Screenwriter


  • Labeled one of the “Top Ten Director’s To Watch Out For” by

  • Directed "Don't Mess With Texas," written by Oscar Award-winner Ethan Coen (Coen bros)

  • Wrote and co-directed a feature length film,The Founders, with Emmy Award winner Charlene Fisk and won the audience award for Best Feature at the Atlanta Film Festival and others. 

  • Worked for the Netflix, AMC, TLC Networks, Home Depot, Dominos, and many more.

  • Won film festival audience awards internationally for short films and screenplays

  • Won the “New Voices” award at the Seattle International Film Festival.

  • Participated the IFP in NYC and an Outfest Screenwriting Lab fellow.

  • Directed 3 projects with Cherry Films: "Don’t Mess With Texas"​ distributed by Wolfe Video,  "The Thorny Rose,"​ written by Kenneth Hillman, and an animated music video for Hollywood records, "Rock & Roll Heaven’s Gate,"​ featuring Pink.


  • Graduated from Columbia University, NYC, with an MFA in directing & screenwriting

  • Received a certificate in screenwriting from University of Washington 

  • Graduated with a BA in drama from University of Washington 

  • Graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts 

  • Taught film courses for the Savannah College of Art and Design

  • Worked as an adjunct instructor at the Emory University Film Department 

  • Worked as an instructor in directing, screenwriting, and image film & video for the Atlanta Film Festival 

  • Started and ran film program at the University of North Georgia (UNG) which flourished from a single film appreciation class into ten different courses 

  • Currently works as a full time visiting instructor at several Georgia Institutions, including UNG



 The hardest part of writing a screenplay is getting it done. From beginners to industry professionals, every writer struggles to transform ideas into ink. That's where I come in. I combine my years of professional screenwriting experience with my business and teaching background to offer not only the tools of the writing craft, but proven methods for setting and meeting goals to reach new levels of success. I'm here to help you get it done.


"With these new tools, I'm a stronger, more confident writer and a better collaborator."

—  Suzan Satterfield, Writer / Producer


  •  I work on an individual level to develop a coaching plan that not only works for your situation but your budget too.

  • My coaching plans have no starting line; I'll meet you at your level of experience and find the best strategy to take your work and life to the next level.

  • If you're worried about how to afford this, don't. Reach out to me, I have a variety of payment plans and I've been known to take pro bono clients every so often. 

  •  I will help you get that script written or re-written, make that look book or story bible, and leave you with writing tools that will last a lifetime. Because your ideas are worth it.

  • You will not only be able to finish the work you love most, but you will be more of the writer you always wanted to be!

You don't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a film or screenwriting degree. I will provide the knowledge and experience I gained from the best professors and writers from the Columbia University MFA program and from some of my writing mentors, Stewart Stern, author of Rebel Without A Cause, Oscar Award-winner Ethan Coen of the Coen brothers, and many others. My program is completely customized to your level; it could include a detailed crash course on the basics of screenwriting, or focus more on workshopping and exposure to different screenwriting craft disciplines, from Syd Field to Artistotles Poets, Natalie Goldberg to Sequence writing. I know it all back to front, and will make sure YOU get the best of it.


"Carrie took the time to find the heart of the story and helped me hone it into something better."

—  Donald Hamrick, Writer/ Director