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8 WEEK PROGRAM end of year special $295


The world needs stories now more than ever, especially your stories. Have you ever heard that voice deep inside pleading “pssst….Let me out! This story needs to be told!” but you’ve squashed it down time and time again because “it’s just not ready yet”? Because of the endless demands and expectations of life that keep getting in the way? The bills, the errands, the taxes, the kids, the job, the cats, the and and and…

Well it’s time to bring that voice forward and tell YOUR unique story as only YOU can. 

"Out of all the workshops and courses I’ve taken, not one managed to help me crack the code on writing the way Carrie did. 
Her approach is efficient, effective, and above all thoughtful and human. For the first time, the hard work of writing didn’t feel hard and I rekindled my sense of adventure and hope for my creative babies. 
Thank you Carrie."

—  Whitney Greer, Screenwriter


How The Program Works


This course breaks down the writing process into small, do-able, step by step sections. We start by nailing down that plot so it’s rock-solid BEFORE you start writing, saving you tons of time on painful rewrites. We use timed writing exercises developed by the most influential storytellers of our time to help free your creativity and guide your process, so you’re never stuck writing from nowhere or nothing. Over 8 weeks, these methods will change your relationship to your craft by demystifying the writing process and clearing away the incessant doubt. We break it down, bite by bite, so you make small, steady steps to the final, beautiful, gem of a script.


"When I started with Carrie I had a messy half-finished outline. Now I'm almost done with my first script, and have a full and rewarding writing practice. She has amazing insight into story, form, and genre. But she's also great at helping to identify the things you might be doing to inadvertently hold yourself back. She is supportive and a blast to work with."

—  Shana Berger, Screenwriter

Each week, you’ll receive a video from professional screenwriter Carrie Schrader that describes this week’s goal and all the tools you need to achieve it. You’ll receive readings and timed writing exercises that jumpstart your creativity and solidify your story arc as well as Carrie's advice from the front lines as a screenwriter-for-hire. This includes a fifteen minute call to get you started, help you define your goal and material AND a one-on-one story consulting session at the end of the course where you'll receive in depth script notes, I'm talking line by line.

"When I started with Carrie, I knew nothing about writing a script. Today, I have a finished feature! Carrie's coaching has helped give me direction, herding the butterflies in my head, turning them into something organized. What has been most valuable to me is that Carrie has taken away the mystery of how to write a script, therefore allowing me time to focus on what's most important; the writing.  Doing something like this is a very vulnerable process and Carrie's infectious spirit and passion put me very much at ease.   Regardless of where my project ends up, I will consider my coaching experience with Carrie to be one of the top best experiences of my personal journey."

—  Maria, Screenwriter


You’ll also receive vital motivational tools that will transform your process and build a writing toolbox you'll be able to use for the rest of your life. This course will not only help you write that damn script, but it’ll help you change those damn patterns that have kept you trapped in the spiral of doubt in the past! You’ll create a new writing practice from the ground up that is rewarding and dependable. You’ll learn how to SQUASH those voices that insist you have zero talent, that you’re wasting your time, that you’ll never make it. You'll learn to push through the 3 P's: procrastination, perfection, and paralysis.

Because here’s the secret: You become a writer when you sit down, write, and commit to BEING one. You will BE exactly what you always dreamed by investing energy into creative growth, sustainable patterns, and creating meaning behind your craft… and when that happens, you’ll build more and more of a life you love to live.

"I'd written a few pilots before starting, but Carrie really helped me focus on character depth and motivation. This aided me so much that one of my pilots reached the semifinals in two different contests! Carrie's positive energy and attitude also helped usher me from the drudgery of a retail day job to a new job in media that I absolutely love!"

—  Collin Lieberg, Screenwriter



Deadlines work! Especially when they’re paired with the WHY (your passion behind this story and this writing). 


An approach to your practice and a writing toolbox you can use for the rest of your life!


A clear, reliable approach to breaking down any story and getting it down on the page.


The ability to create solid, character-driven plots that are strong before you start writing is KEY to writing great scripts that sell (and make your producers or studio execs happy!)


Access to the opportunities I post on the WTDS Facebook page and connection to the writers in your group and/or all the other badass WTDS writers. You can create valuable relationships that will help you with this story and all of those to come


A one-hour private coaching zoom session with professional screenwriter Carrie Schrader, with detailed notes on your script. This alone is $400. So yeah, you’re gettin’ a big ol’ bargain here. 


Who has time to sign up for specific course intervals anymore? This is a rolling course, so you can start anytime you like.


You get YOU as a WRITER! This works for anyone, whether you are an established writer needing motivation, a new writer hoping to break into the industry, or someone happy with their job who just wants to write a damn script! 

"Two years ago I had a pilot draft for a sitcom I couldn't gain traction with. I began working with Carrie, and she taught me how to sharpen my writing and turn the germ of an idea into a well-crafted story. Today I have written and directed a short film that's getting traction on the festival circuit, and have another short on the way and a new draft of a feature screenplay. Carrie helped make all of that possible!"

— Vandy Beth Glenn, Writer / Director

CHOOSE YOUR TRACK: SEVERAL PAYMENT OPTIONS pay all at once, in two payments or monthly installments. Email: now for more info.







“Carrie's gentle guidance and loving support helped refocus my energy and reignite my writing momentum. When I faced rejection, she was available with empathy but more importantly positive reinforcement, making sure I did not dwell on the voice of self-doubt. Working with Carrie has been a pleasure, not just because of her knowledge and wisdom of the industry, but also as a great way to keep me accountable.”

—  Kara Zajac, Author

Only $675.00. Can be paid in installments - email for more info

"Carrie is the teacher/mentor I had hoped to find in my MFA program but never did. I'm almost through the first draft of a screenplay I had tried to write at least three separate times before working with her. In my professional life, Carrie also helped me move from a job where I was miserable into a job I love. I cannot say enough about how working with Carrie has transformed my creative life, my professional life and my belief in my own writing." 

—  From Alyson Pomerantz, Writer now Screenwriter


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