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Deadlines work! Especially when they’re paired with the WHY (your passion behind this story and this writing). When you invest your hard earned $$ you SHOW up and do the work. This creates momemtum that attracts more of what you want.


A tired and true approach to your practice and a writing toolbox you can use for the rest of your life! Bust those patterns that keep you in the 3 P's - procrastination, paralysis and perfectionsism. Learn to manage yuour time & create a healthy addiction to your writing.


Sessions are customized for YOU - your voice, your needs, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses. I give you a clear, reliable approach to breaking down any story and getting it down on the page. Badass exercises with writing prompts that help you create dynamic characters and tight plot lines.


The ability to create solid, character-driven plots that are strong before you start writing is KEY to writing great scripts that sell (and make your producers or studio execs happy!)


Access to my weekly private writing group where you can connect to other writers and create valuable relationships that will help you in the rest of your career.


One-on-one story consulting, detailed notes and a step by step prescription on how to integrate them. I read your material twice before every session, this means you get clear, consistent feedback so you can make the script the very best it can be.


You get YOU as a WRITER! This works for anyone, whether you are an established writer needing motivation, a new writer hoping to break into the industry, or someone happy with their job who just wants to write a damn script! 

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